Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Batman: The Dark Knight #5 in stores tomorrow! (Aug 24)

Check out the preview of the issue on DC's The Source!  Killer colors by Peter Steigerwald!

Can Dawn Be Saved? -DC's The Source

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Batman and Soulfire Pencils

Here are some pencils from both books that were released this past week.


Soulfire Issue 2:

Just a few thoughts on the two books.  
Batman turned out fairly close to what I imagined but because of a super tight deadline for the whole team, the book could have been a bit stronger on the art side from myself.  I think that fans looking in from the outside believe that the art teams have months and months to prepare a book but it isn't always the case.  Because of the relaunch by DC, we needed to get these books done quickly and out on the shelves fast to end this arc and prepare for Dave's relaunch issue in September.  This can lead to rushed pages from everyone on the team.  There are pages I'd love to go back and fix but alas, I cannot.  I was happy to learn that I could complete a book in less than 5 weeks when the need is there.  Hopefully this won't be a common occurance. Ryan Winn and Batt also did a killer job on inks.   I am thankful for the opportunity to work on the book and here's hoping for more of Batman in the future!  

Soulfire issue 2 was a real surprise for me when I picked it up.  John Starr's colors totally stole the show. I'm very very picky with colors and most of the time, I don't like the look of my books but John has been killing it on all these books.  The work he did on issue 2 left me speechless.  This is a great example of hard work and going the extra mile to make the colors really scream off the page.  I use a lot of black in both the foreground and background and John's use of color holds really creates depth in each panel.  I had left John some color notes as to what I imagined and he hit everything right on the head.  Even though I am proud of my batman work, Soulfire #2 is by far my favourite looking book and the best colors I've seen over my work.  John Starr is my new hero.
ALSO Mark Roslan deserves a huge credit for his digital inks over my mucky pencils.  The guy is a miracle worker.