Thursday, July 05, 2012

Detective Comics!

DC Comics Announces new creative team on Detective Comics!

  Today the news broke about my "huge" project that I have been teasing here and over twitter for the last few weeks. I will be joining writer John Layman (Chew) on art duties for the next arc of Detective Comics, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to receive this opportunity.

  First, I want to express how thankful I am to have this opportunity. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be in this position at this point in my career. But even when I think back to my wildest dreams, I still tried to think with a humble heart and figured I wouldn't have an opportunity to work on a Batman series for the first 10 years or so of my career. I think that's why I was so shocked when Mike Marts emailed me asking if I was ready for a "big" project and then presented me with Detective. I'm humbled that DC would entrust me with art chores on one of their greatest titles.

  I am also humbled to be the artist to follow up after Tony Daniel. I have been a fan of Tony's Batman work for the past few years and hope to take Detective comics forward and build upon what Tony has laid down on his run of the series. I hope Tony all the best on whatever he's going to do next and hope to support him in his future endevours.

  As for working with John Layman, I couldn't be more excited. John has pitched a great story and I was truly floored when I read through issue 13 ( our first issue of the arc). John is a great visual storyteller and he packs every page with meaningful panels, not to fill up space, but to always bring the story forward. We hope to deliver a quality Batman tale, filled with mystery, twists, turns, shockers and most of all, fun! I've only just started work on issue 13, but I'm so excited to draw this book and I wake up every morning energized to get to work and do my best. Batman fans are in for a treat with Mr. Layman at the helm.

Cover to Detective Comics 13

  As for myself, this is my opportunity to draw the Batman book I've always wanted to draw visually. Every other time I've worked on the character I've felt the need to retain the look and feel of the batman universe as drawn by the artist I was following. With this book I am ready to set the visual tone for the way I've always wanted to see batman drawn, as well as his universe. I am not taking this series lightly. I am going to pour my heart and soul into each and every panel and hopefully deliver the best art I am capable of. I am honored to join the other Batman artists such as Greg Capullo, Patrick Gleason, Chris Burnham, and my mentor David Finch. These are some of the best of the best in the business and I am flattered to be counted among them. I'm really hoping to deliver a gritty, realistic, film noir Batman with hints of the art deco stylings of the old animated series and the more modern take seen in the Chris Nolan films. I am hoping to let me influences gush out onto the page and create something that is familiar, classic and yet my own.

  If you told me 2 years ago when I started in the indistry that I would one day be working on Detective Comics, I wouldn't have believed you. I believe, as a Christian, that my career is a "God thing" as has been so many of the immense blessings and opportunities that my wife and I have received over the short time we have been married. God has been faithful to us, and I have never taken any of my work and opportunities for granted. I believe I need to perform at the best of my ability at all times, and God has blessed me and given me the desires of my heart. I give him all the glory in my career and know I wouldn't be here without His guidance and faithfulness in my life and that of my family.

Detective Comics 13 Cover Inks

  So now begins the next chapter in my life and career. I am ready for the challenge and hope that you will all enjoy the tale that Mr. Layman and I will bring you in the coming months. For my supporters, I hope to deliver to you the best work you've seen from me, and for those who may be skeptical that DC would choose an indie writer and an up-and-coming artist to handle one of their most legendary series, I'd ask you give us the chance to prove that we can deliver as big as any superstar creative team in the business.

Stay tuned, the adventure begins today!