Monday, May 25, 2015

Justice League 40, Free Comic Book Day and Covers

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Here is a swath of artwork and covers that have recently hit the shelves


Justice League 41 

Justice League 41 cover.  We went with a very big and bold movie poster design here which we will try to do with each cover of the series



Justice League 42 Cover

We wanted to push Wonder Woman front and center with this one.  She's our main character in the story, so it only made sense here.  

Free Comic Book Day Divergence Story:

With Grail, the daughter of Darkseid, I went with a cross between Wonder Woman and Darkseid.  I used Darkseid's color scheme as well as some of his symbology, like the Omega symbol, but flipped it upside down.  I also added a poncho and hood, which can convert into a cape as well.  You will see this in issue 41.

 With the Anti-Monitor, we took the original design from Crisis and modernized it.  I changed the color scheme to be more simple.  The design is still changing as I draw the character, but this was the rough sketch of the concept