Monday, September 08, 2014

Arkham Knight Collectors Edition

I recently worked with DC and Rocksteady games to produce a cover for a special edition comic that will come with the Arkham Knight Collectors Edition next June.  IGN broke the news today.

Here's a look at the cover!! This was one of my favorite jobs of all time.

Pencils and inks by myself and colors by Emilio Lopez


The idea was simple, show Batman, Arkham Knight (the character) and the new Batmobile.

First Layout.

I decided to flip Batman and Arkham Knight and angle the image.  The city would only appear in the dark area above Batman

Tighter Layout:
I then did a tighter layout.  We decided to add Batman gliding out of the Batmobile, like you can do in the game.

I drew the image on 11x17 board after printing ou my layout in blue line.

Did some digital tweaks and added in rain.  But then some changed were made...I accidentally drew the gun on top backwards

Changed the gun and fenders to match the model more correctly digitally.

Final colors by Emilio!

Easily one of my all time fav covers!  Turned out amazing!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Justice League Sketches and Studies

If you aren't part of my facebook fan page or twitter then you've missed some of the sketches and studies I've been doing at night over the last week or so.  I was hoping to do one of each character, but may not be able to because I've started the issue 36 script (oh and it's an awesome start to my run!  Geoff's given me some great pages to show off my version of the characters)

So for now, here are a few I've done!

 I felt I drew Superman to look too old on the promo image.  My former editor and buddy Eddie Berganza gave me a little hint and mentioned that if you want Supes to look a bit younger, make his hair more messy and free hanging then gelled to his head.  I also leaned him up more.  I personally like a more jacked Superman (and this may not look like a leaner Superman) but in the end it's leaner than I'd normally draw him.  You can also purchase the original art here

One of my favs!  I really liked Jim Lee's version of the character from Justice League Origin and want to go back to that.  I feel that by giving him more wild hair and even some bigger muttonchops sideburns, it gives him a more unique silhouette from Superman and Shazam.  I also like the more hooked nose and stubble.  

Wonder Woman
 I can't wait to draw her more.  She's really the only female character I've ever really wanted to draw.  I want her to look tough, regal, and more square than what's been done before.  I still want her to be beautiful and feminine but also strong.  I've given her a more round face and squarish jaw, as well as lowered her tiara so it looks more like a helmet coming over her eyes.  I also like the idea of her hair being more curled and messy rather than primp and proper.

He's awesome.  I may make his face a bit more round and weighty, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out here.  

That's what I have so far.  I hope to make another post showing some older Justice League art I drew in college as well as the story behind a Wonder Woman design that Geoff tweeted out last week.  If I can find them, Ill scan the art and post it here to show!