Thursday, March 03, 2011

Teen Titans: Cold Case - My first DC Cover

This was my first DC cover and I thought I'd talk a little bit on how I got the gig and the process I went through to create it.  Right after I did the Animal Man story in Untold Tales of Blackest Night (Around October) I was offered the chance to do my first DC cover.  It was described to me as "Captain Cold standing by the frozen bodies of the Teen Titans, specifically Cyborg, Tim Drake Robin, Ravager and Wondergirl."  
There were a few different layouts that I went through to get at this one.  I really liked the one of Captain Cold standing tough with the Teen Titans frozen in ice, but in the end it was decided that my third layout was the one to go for.  They also wanted Deathstroke in the background in some way.  I thought it would be cool to have his face hidden in the snow.

Ryan Winn inked the line art and it turned out great (sorry I don't have the inked file).  Ryan is such a great inker.  I met him through Dave Finch and was lucky enough to have Ryan ink my work on Untold Tales of Blackest Night.  With Soulfire, the work is going from straight pencils to colors.  Mark Roslan is doing some great digital inks of my work, but I know myself and how I draw and I need an inker.  Im not a clean line artist like Gary Frank or those guys.  Im interested in seeing how the soulfire pages turn out.  Im looking forward to working with Ryan again in the future.  
Also, did I mention the interior art was done by Sean Murphy?  The guy is amazing!  Check out Joe the Barbarian and be amazed!

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