Monday, July 25, 2011

...Look what showed up on my front stoop this morning

It's always great when you open your front door and a package filled with comics falls back into your home.  For the most part, I'm happy with the book but just like anything I do, I see all the flaws and things I wish I would have done better.  But that's the best part of this job, you can take your shortcomings, work hard at them, and come back better and stronger on your next project.  Technically I've only been doing this job for little over a year and it's crazy to believe what I've worked on so far.  I'm very thankful.  
I also finished issue 5 this weekend and just looking at this book compared to what I did on issue 5, I can see that I made improvements and took my critiques to heart.   It's now time for a little vacation.  My wife sacrifices so much in order to allow me to get these books done on time, so now it's time for a week dedicated to her.  I love her very much.
I've also got some emails asking for pages for issue 4 and 5.  Once I get some of the inked pages back, I'll post them here with a price guide.  

Remember, shoot high, dream big and know that sometimes these dreams can come true.  I'm living proof!



bluejazz87 said...

This is some great stuff. I have issue 3 so I will be picking up issue 4 today. Hopefully it's at my store. I'm anxious to see more of your work.

juliozor said...

I just bought the fifth issue (a little late, don't you think so?) and i think you made a better work on issue one. Hope you keep working on the Dark knight.