Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Batman Annual #1 with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV

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The news broke yesturday afternoon that my next project is the oversized Batman Annual #1 with non other than SCOTT SNYDER on board as writer.  Co-writing the book is James Tynion IV.  I have to say that working with Scott Snyder on something like this is a dream come true.  One of my goals over the last few years has been to work with him on a project and I'm still blown away that it's happening so early in my career.
  I've also learned why Scott is the best writer in the game and it's not just his great scripts.  Scott is an all around great guy and when you talk to him, he really makes you feel just as important to his story even though you didn't write it.  Some writers are super protective of their stories and want no deviation, where as Scott tells you to have fun most of all, and feel free to add to the script visually to make it stand out.
  I got to talk with Scott for an hour on the phone as he pitched the story to me and immediately I felt like I was on a team and not just "the artist".  Scott gets you excited about the project and in turn you want to deliver the best possible product.  That's the sign of a great writer.
  I'm only a little ways into the art on this but I'm really feeling that this is going to be something different for me.  I'm going out of my comfort zone on this and really trying some new stuff.  Im excited every night when I finish my work for the day, and happy with how the pages are turning out (something that's never happened with me before. I usually hate everything I do)

Here is the pencils to the cover, as well as the digi inks.  I will be working mostly digital in the book (I'll do a blog post about that in the future) so any pencil work from this point out from me is going to be rare.  I'm still doing covers in pencil for the few who like to purchase my work.  Check it out.

Again, super pumped about this book, and if I can say, this is really going to be a great book.  As Scott pitches the story, I couldn't help but feel that this was one of those special reads.  It adds a lot of pressure on my end as well, but I've come a long way in the last 2 years and I believe I can make this book sing.

(Pencil cover is available for sale.  Please email or wait for me to post it on Comic Art Fans)


Jun Nakamura said...

looks awesome. love the owls! Do you always do your inks digitally? do you have a favorite brush set? I want to start doing comics and I haven't figured out the best way to do inks.

Jason Fabok said...

I recently have switches to doing alot more digital. Ill do a post about that later and my reasons for it. As for brushes, I use Manga Studio and there brushes that I've tweaked a bit. its not bad but Im still learning. Digital is the future.

juliozor said...

Amazing work, but I really prefer the hand-made work. I see you are creating your own style and getting out of finch´s style and I think that's great. You are really an inspiration.
Sincerely, Think, Juliozor.

Jason Fabok said...

Julio, don't get me wrong, I LOVE hand created but when you're in this biz, it's about 1 thing, drawing the best thing you can do in a very very short amount of time. I find with pencils it takes twice as long as it takes me to do a page digitally. I'll do a big post on this later but I love the digital realm. Im still hand drawing all of my covers but scanning them in and inking them digitally. Gives me more freedom over the final product and I get double rates :)

Jun Nakamura said...

thanks for the response! I will have to look into manga studio. maybe i will switch to digital inking.


Cameron Durgin said...

This looks fantastic Jason. Good work as always. I didn't know you were inking digitally. You are right though, it certainly is the future and definitely a lot more efficient.