Monday, April 23, 2012

I've Come A Long Way... And YOU Can Too!

I was searching through the interweb yesterday and decided to plug in my name in google and see what poped up.  I found so many cool goodies that I forgot even existed! 

What you are about to see is some of my work from roughly 5 years ago.  The first page is a flickr account I didn't even know I had, but on it is some of the stuff I was drawing in college!  I took 3 years of animation training (both 2D and 3D) at Windsor's St.Clair College and this Flickr account has some of the drawing I did during that time.  When I look at it, I'm so blown away by how much my art has changed. 
Some of the first drawings in this link were the drawing that I sent to Dave Finch and asked him if he could give me a few pointers.  That's how all of this got started!

Click Here

This second webpage is the first comic I ever did back in highschool.  I can't believe it still exists online!  Take a look and have a good laugh.  My wife and I were looking through this the other night and couldn't believe the progress that I've made on my art.

My First Comic

I wanted to post this to show some of you who check out my work that you can come a long way in a short amount of time.  It takes dedication, lots of hard work and sacrifice, but you can improve and make your dreams a reality! 
  Between my first comic and before I met David Finch, there is at least 5 years of work and progress, and between David Finch and where I am at today, there has been 2 and a half years.  If you're an artist and getting down about yourself and your work, there is hope!  Keep pressing on, look for learning opportunities everywhere and shoot for your goals!


juliozor said...

It is amazing how much you've grown on the art of drawing. Would you be so gentle to give me Dave's e-mail? Thanks

Cameron Durgin said...

Thank you Jason. Interestingly enough, last night I felt like I hit rock bottom with my drawing. I've been trying to practice from Finch's video's and art and some other artists like Neal Adams and Jose Garcia-Lopez, and I was getting frustrated. Seeing this post and reading your words this morning is very encouraging. As a fan of your work, I really appreciate it.

Jason Fabok said...

No problem Cameron. Keep your head up and know that success doesn't happen overnight. Keep finding ways to inspire yourself! I'm just trying to give a little back to the community and try to help others reach their goals