Monday, September 17, 2012

Detective Comics 15 Cover

The cover to Detective Comics 15!

This issue is by far the best one of the bunch and all of them have been written so well by Mr. John Layman.  As I type, Im about halfway through the art for the issue.  Things really start to heat up in this issue.  I also get to draw Clayface which has been fun.

Also, notice the Joker cards?  He comes into play in this issue.  Lots of fun stuff ahead!  Check out the finished cover black and whites.
Cover done 100% Digitally to save my sanity

Layout for the cover


Dylan said...

So, can you tell us if Ivy is helping Batman in this story or hurting him? Cause she was kinda going for being a anti-hero for a bit.

Jason Fabok said...

Mwhaha! You need to wait and read!

Dylan said...
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Dylan said...

I knew that would be your answer...though my guess had less evil laughing O_o ha ha. Thanks! Great Cover!

Nima said...

We like to root for evil when it's fiction!

Jason, LOVE your covers.

How long will the first arc be?


Dylan said...

Also how come it says on the DC website that its not the final cover? Looks like perfect cover to me :P.

juliozor said...

Your best cover ever, congrats!

Jason Fabok said...

I think they are doing something special for that month with some Greg Capullo Variants or something. For all I know this is the final cover, but who knows. My job is done when I hand in the line work. Keep posted to DC's site and they should have some info soon on the covers for that month.