Friday, May 10, 2013

Detective Comics 19 and 20 Pages

Hey all,
I've been ultra busy with work and trying to keep on track and haven't posted anything in a while.  So today I'm posting a ton of artwork from Detective Comics 19 and 20 for your enjoyment!

Detective Comics 19:


Detective Comics 20:

So there ya go.  Detective 20 is out in stores as of last week.  Now I gotta get back to finishing up the 4 covers I was asked to do this week!  Lots of cool work coming up!



Roger Jorns said...

Jason your artwork is so awesome! You and John are KILLING IT on Detective!!!
Love your artwork, you can just tell how much fun your having drawing Batman and Im having fun reading it!
Keep it up!

Jay said...

Agreed - another completely amazing art job. This book is just a pleasure to read every month.