Saturday, June 29, 2013

Detective Comics 22 Preview and Preview Art!!

Newsarama has posted a preview of  'Tec 22 coming out next week.  Here is some of the Line art for that preview to get you pumped up for the release of our new arc!
Some people have been wondering how the arc will work in light of Villains month.  The arc will be 3 issues long, issues 22,23 and 24 with an Annual issue that touches on some background to the Wrath.  The villains month books are technically not part of the regular numbering.  I'm working on finishing up issue 24, which has been really fun to draw with lots of great action.
You guys are going to enjoy this arc, that's for sure!



André Navarro said... much time to produce the first page?

Jason Fabok said...

haha, not much time to produce ANY page lol. Left a lot black, especially the wayne building because I like the idea of a solid black building lurking over the city. In the end, my colorist, Emilio Lopez really did a great job on the colors.