Monday, May 19, 2014

Future's End 3d Month Covers

In September, DC Comics is doing another month of 3D lenticular covers.  I was asked to do a number of covers but could only do 2 because of scheduling.  So I chose the cover for BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS.  Here is a look at the digital line art.

For this cover, I was asked to do a take on the classic Carmine Infantino Batman and Robin cover, but this time, Robin would be replaced by the RIDDLER!

Carmine Infantino's Classic Batman and Robin image that has been homaged 1000 times by other artists.

My idea was to take the basic layout, but give a few little changes to make it my own.  I decided I wanted a little more "twist" to Batman and to make the cape a bit more epic and large.

Here is the final image with just Batman.  In order to make the image look 3D, I needed to draw everything on separate layers.  So the foreground is one layer, the chimney, The characters, even the cape, and the background.

Here is the final image with the Riddler added.  The clouds are all hand drawn with my fingers on scrap paper and then scanned into the image.

Awesome Colors by Brad Anderson

Here is the final 3D'd mockup for the cover! Looks great!

Rough Layout of Slide 1.  Batman with Cape in batcave

Slide 2: Batman with back brace and Army of Batmen!

Finished Inks

Finished Inks

Final colors by Brad Anderson!


Eugenia Bahit said...

The 3D cover is incredible! It look great! It's an admirable work :)

Jason Fabok said...

thanks Eugenia. Lots of layers. maybe Ill post images of all the separate layers that make up one image to show how its a very different work process than normal.

victor liu said...

do u have time in your busy schedule to critique my work?
tips, advise, anything would be help full... Ty

Eric Lee said...

I always wondered what extra steps were needed for those 3D covers. Thanks for the insight!

Eric Valencia said...

Love your work! Thanks for sharing the different stages of your art!

caffeineandpixels said...

Yup, the more layers the better with lenticular. Too bad these are all printed in China now.