Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Batman Eternal 22 Cover: Spoiler!

Comic Book Resources showed off the first of the next batch of covers for Batman Eternal that I illustrated.

Check it out HERE!

First it starts with the layouts.  The editors told me they wanted an image with Spoiler jumping her motorbike off of a bridge.  I thought it might be cool to have a silhouette of the bike and a cool color action pose of Spoiler in all her glory.

I knew what I wanted with the bike, it was just getting the inside to work.

We decided on this layout in the end.  Something with some action showing off her entire look.

The inks done on 11x17 bristol

Digital touch ups.  I added some rain and more smoke

I also did a color template to show Brad Anderson what I was thinking.  I wanted the character in purple and the background in a yellow so it really poped.

Final AMAZING colors by Brad Anderson

Art is for sale HERE


Eric Valencia said...

Very cool!

nazra seyah said...
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nazra seyah said...


When you ink traditional what tool do you use?

Edinson said...

Love it! Do you do all of your work digitally? From sketches and all that?