Friday, February 27, 2015

Here are some of the pages from issue 39.  We had a huge response from this book and it's given me a major confidence boost moving into issue 41.  

Page 22 layout

page 22 inks on board

Page 22 final with Green Lantern logo and tweaks


Gabriel trejos said...

Hi! - your work is wonderful - I like much - congratulate - :)

this is my comicblog! :)

paolo geovanny said...

his Justice League this wonderful
I love your work, congratulations

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,
I usually don't post comments on the web, but felt compelled to give you some positive feedback. I know it's difficult to define an artist's personal style. The way you draw seems like the perfect combination of classic smooth lines of Neal Adams and the sort of "edgy" looking art of a Jim Lee. For me, it is the way comics were meant to look. While reading the Amazo Virus story arc, I had to say "gorgeous" over and over with each panel. You are the only artist working that I would buy a book just because you drew it. Thanks for doing what you do.