Friday, July 17, 2015

Justice League 41 Inks

Sorry guys!  Been very busy with art for Justice League 43 and I wanted to give people ample time to read issue 41.  Here are some snippits from the interiors of the book.  Justice League 42 is out as well!

Amazing colors by Brad Anderson!


David Duke said...

Tight line work and amazing detail. Are you using Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio, or another program to do your inking?

Jason Fabok said...

manga studio for everything

David Duke said...

I'm starting to make that transition myself. I find it works so much better for lines, and even sketching out roughs.

I'm trying to get used to using it for digital painting, but I'm still more comfortable with photoshop.

Thanks for the quick response, and keep up the good work!

Jay said...

Nobody Draws Darkseid Better Then You, Nobody