Monday, January 09, 2017

Hockey Jersey Design Fun

Windsor Spitfires

I was looking at the current Windsor Spitfires Uniforms (OHL Junior "A" hockey team where I live) and realized how much I disliked their current look, design and feel. (though I like the modern logo)
I'm a sucker for old school, simplistic hockey sweater design, so I worked up a few uniforms that I think would make a very timeless, classy feel for team and give them an identity that would last for years.
I love the idea of a shoulder yoke to hearken back to the 70-90's look without making the jersey look to clunky. It would be square at the end to give a more tough, militaristic look (the spitfire was a military fighter after all).
The striping is classic and horizontal, and I used some different patterns with varying widths. In the end I like what I came up with. I think it looks modern and yet captures a timeless, classic, retro feel.
#1 is my favorite.
as you move down, the design simplifies itself. I like all three. (these are the kind of things I think of when I'm not working)

London Knights

I decided to do a London Knights jersey design as well. The logo they use is perfect so I just played with the piping on the sweater to make it look a little more old school.  I also dropped the Black from their palette.

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