Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Detective Comics 13 Out Tomorrow , Oct 3rd!

The time has come!  Issue 13 of Detective Comics written by John Layman (Chew) and illustrated by myself with colors by Jeromy Cox hits shelves tomorrow!  Make sure you grab a copy!

Also, here are a few links to some interviews online about the book:
Also here is a quote from myself for an interview I did with Project Fanboy:
TZ:What do hope fans will take away from your run on the book?

JF: "John and I really want to make sure these books are accessible to a large volume of readers. To me, these stories feel a lot like the Batman: The Animated Series episodes I grew up with as a kid and that’s what I’ve always wanted to work on with Batman.
The first issue is really just a intro to the story as a whole. It’s a fun, race against time issue featuring some cool gadgets, some great action and introduces some of the characters in the plot. From there, things start to ramp up and lead into some great “Layman-esque” stories starting in 14.

Each issue has its own story, it’s own core mystery that Batman must solve, but each part plays into a larger tale. Every issue I get from John really makes me want to ramp things up. I hope that fans will give us a try with issue 13, 14 and 15 because John really has some killer stories brewing in his head."

Hope you all enjoy the first issue and continue to see what we have in store as we ramp up the series in the coming months!


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