Thursday, October 25, 2012

Justice League 14 Variant

This is the variant for Justice League issue 14.  The description I was given was that I had to have Superman and Wonder Woman ready for battle, but flirting with each other. This is a tougher job than it seems. Sadly, I had so much on my plate that this cover was a little rushed and I didn't feel as confident in how it turned out in the end.  There are lots of things I'd change now looking back, but it's always good to learn from your mistakes and then work hard to fix them in the future. Alex Sinclair did some mighty sweet colors on this cover though. 
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Lichu said...

I think the cover looks grat. The only thing I'd change is the size of Wonder Woman legs, I think they look to big in comparision to the rest of her body. And Superman's hair cut... I don't know, looks kinda weird, but as I said the cover looks awesome anyway :)

HELLACRE13 said...

I love this cover. It is one of my favorite sm/ww covers! Love their expressions!