Saturday, November 03, 2012 Article

My friend, Mike Michalski, recently interviewed me for an article on

Here is a little excerpt from the article:

"From the outside, the non-descript Essex County residence may seem like many others that surround it. A young married couple come-and-go, with surrounding neighbors, for the most part, blissfully unaware of what is really going on inside this undisclosed location . . .

Psst! Can you keep a secret? I mean really keep a secret?! Even if the fate of every man, woman and child in Gotham City depended on it? Batman lives here.
Yes, that Batman – courtesy of the imagination and craftsmanship of 27-year-old Jason Fabok who, each day, gives life to one of the most-famous characters in the world. It’s all part of his new “dream job” as the artist behind DC’s Detective Comics featuring everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader."

Check out the full article here!

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Cameron Durgin said...

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