Saturday, July 27, 2013

Detective Comics 22 Inks and Colors

Detective Comics 22 turned out to be my favorite comic I've ever drawn.  John Layman wrote a fun, dark, mysterious story that really took me right where I wanted to go with Batman.  
I also had Emilio Lopez on colors for this issue, and I feel that the colors really turned out great!  Emilio puts in so much detail and understands tone, shadow and lighting so well, I'm able to cut back on things here and there and allow him to take over.  
We also discussed having a color theory for this issue.  If you watch a movie or play a video game, you will see the developers choose specific colors and stick to those colors through the entire film, or set piece in order to create a consistent look.  I want Gotham to look dark, shady, mysterious and much more muted like the Batman movies.  We decided to run with Blue and Orange and the two colors that would be throughout the entire book (with little changes here and there to separate scenes out).  
Below are a selection of line art as well as the amazing colors.  Enjoy!

Check back next month for more Covers, and a look at 'Tec 23!

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