Monday, January 06, 2014

Detective Comics 27

When Bob Kane and Bill Finger first introduced Batman to the world in Detective Comics 27 back in 1938, I wonder if they could have believed that their character would become (arguably) the biggest comic book character of all time, as well as one of the most legendary and well loved characters of our modern popular culture?  It's a thought like that that keeps me humble and thankful to have had the opportunity to work on this character for the past few years, as well as lend my own little contribution to this massive anniversary issue celebrating the first appearance of Batman.  Thank you Mr. Kane and Mr. Finger for the character that not only inspired me to read comics, but also to follow a dream to one day draw comics and make a career a reality.

Detective Comics 27 hits stores this Wednesday January 8th!

As an extra, here is a look at my variant cover!

Final inks on 11x17 board

I went in digitally and added some splatters and more bats.  

The awesome colors by Tomeu Morey.  The guy kills it every time

You may have alot of trouble finding this cover in stores, as its a 1 or 100 variant.  Good Luck!


Frank Arena said...

Great work!

BTW...Detective Comics 27 came out in 1939, not 38.

André Nav said...

Always superb!