Saturday, January 18, 2014

Detective Comics 27 Lineart

Here are a few of the pages from the huge anniversary issue I was able to take part it.  It was also my last issue on Detective Comics as I am now moving to Batman: Eternal which launches this spring.

I also got the chance with this story to design some cool alternate universe costumes for some of the characters.  Here's a look at Batman, Catbird and Bluebelle.

With Batman, I wanted an all white version of the suit, but realized I needed some greys to break up the different parts of the suit.  I tried to add a bunch of cool textures and details to the suit to give it a different feel from the normal Batsuit, and also made his eyes visable.

With Catbird (Catwoman as Robin) I originally was going for more of a Catwoman/Nightwing crossover.  But we decided we wanted it to be more Robin-ish.  Above, you can see the idea evolve to the final chosen idea.  
I wanted to keep the Catwoman look, but incorporate the Robin aesthetic into that.  The long jacket I felt took the cape aspect of Robin and fused it with Catwoman's sense of design.   

Bluebelle is the Gothtopia version of Batgirl.  In the end, I mostly took the New 52 design and made it white.  I shortened the cape to give her a more playful, youthful look and got rid of the cowl.  I actually prefer Batgirl to not wear a Bat cowl.  I'm not sure why.  


majinclos said...

Beautiful art man! That's why I bought your variant cover. Your style of art compliments Batman perfectly

Frank Arena said...

Very nice! Love the book and your work.

PsychosisPC said...

Great work. I've been away from reading comics for quite sometime and stumbled on your artwork on comic art fans, while looking for fresh new stuff. I still like good line artwork. I like your style, look forward to seeing more.