Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Batman Eternal Covers

Here is a little look at the process behind some of the upcoming covers for Batman Eternal!

Issue 2 Cover

First Sketches

Gordon under a light

Light changed to a Batman Silhouette

Finished Inks

Digital inks

Colors my Tomey Morey! 

Issue 3 Cover
Idea given was an action shot with the Batmobile



Issue 4 Cover
Batman Vs Batgirl.  I wanted to play with the classic Dark Knight Returns image


Final Digital touchups

Colors by Brad Anderson

Arkham War Cover Inks

Batman Eternal hit shelves starting April 9th!

Covers available here for purchase


Frank Arena said...

I love seeing the progression in these pieces. I can't wait for the series to start.

Jason Piperberg said...

It's always really awesome to see process. I love the Batman silhouette that gordon and the cops are standing under! It takes the cover to the next level!

nazra seyah said...

Loved your artwork Jason but I have to ask is that sketchbook pro 6 for your rough sketch